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Islamic Songs

  • 1415 The Beginning (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    $13.95 $10.00 1415 The Beginning (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    1415 The Beginning” pays true homage to when Zain Bhikha began recording in 1994/1415 AH. 2009 marks fifteen years since he officially released his first independent debut album “A Way of Life”. The release of 1415 pays...

  • A Different Drum  [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    $11.95 $7.50 A Different Drum [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    Layers of Rhythm, combined with spiritual lyrics mark a new phase in Dawud's artistry. Re-interpreting some old favourites, as well as some brand new material, a Different Drum is great for young and old alike. On a...

  • A Way of Life (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    $13.95 $6.95 A Way of Life (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    Zain Bhikha's latest album (2010) is a tribute to children of all ages around the world, with songs that re-affirm the oneness of God and that Islam is truly a way of life. With 14 brand new songs, all voice-only with bonus...

  • Allah Helps You Grow (CD)
    $12.50 $10.00 Allah Helps You Grow (CD)
    A collection of your favorite songs from the Adam's World video series! This recording contains back to back hits that will inspire, motivate and move you closer to Islam. It already is one of Sound Vision's all time best...

  • Allah Knows (CD) - Zain Bhiha & Friends
    $13.95 $6.95 Allah Knows (CD) - Zain Bhiha & Friends
    Allah Knows' features the musical talents of Dawud Wharnsby, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Rashid Bhikha, in addition to introducing Naadira Alli and the young Muhammad Bhikha who makes his first recording debut on this album. The...

  • Colors of Islam [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    $11.95 $7.50 Colors of Islam [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    Some of the features of this product at a glance include: -8 songs-Recitation of Qur'an by children-topics of songs include: thanking Allah, Ramadan, Prophet Ibrahim-only percussion instruments used in addition to human...

  • Dawud Wharnsby Ali Combo Pack
    $90.69 $59.00 Dawud Wharnsby Ali Combo Pack
    This hit collection of Islamic songs by Muslim artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali, which will have you humming, includes:Whisper of Peace: the debut recording of Muslim artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali, A Whisper of Peace is a...

  • Deen You Know (CD) - [Native Deen]
    $13.50 $6.50 Deen You Know (CD) - [Native Deen]
    DEEN YOU KNOW is the debut album from the dynamic group Native Deen. Previously recording under the name MYNA Raps, Native Deen have come a long way and have recorded an album which is testimony to that fact. With 11 songs...

  • Faith (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    $13.95 $6.95 Faith (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    Faith (arabic = iman) to believe in Allah, His angels, His inspired Books, His messengers, the Last Day, and in destiny, its good and evil. [based on the Gabriel Hadith]'This album from Zain Bhikha features guest artist...

  • Heaven (CD) - [Khaleel Muhammad]
    $15.50 $14.50 Heaven (CD) - [Khaleel Muhammad]
    A designer, voice-over artist, as well as prolific writer and producer, Khaleel Muhammad- whose production credits also include 'A Simple Guide to Prayer' and the audio story 'Salah ad-Din: Champion of the Crusades’ - now...

  • Honest Artist (CD) - [Moez Melon]
    $10.95 $9.95 Honest Artist (CD) - [Moez Melon]
    At the age of 14, Moez Battikh began memorizing the Holy Quran and enjoyed reciting and listening to its melodies everyday until he completed his memorization at the age of 18. Moez has been writing lyrics since the age of...

  • Hope (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    $13.95 $6.95 Hope (CD) - Zain Bhikha
    Having toured every continent with his songs, Zain one of the top Nasheed (song of Islamic orientation) artists in the world, and number one in South Africa, believes in inspiring those around him through his Nasheeds and...

  • I Have No One But You (Ma Li Sewak) - CD [Waleed Hilal]
    $14.95 $8.95 I Have No One But You (Ma Li Sewak) - CD [Waleed Hilal]
    The debut album from Waleed Hilal entitled 'I Have No One But You' is an inspirational set of songs (in Arabic langauge) in the key of some of Islam's greatest traditions. The album features 7 unforgettable tracks.Track...

  • Le Rappel (CD)
    $10.95 $4.95 Le Rappel (CD)
    First of its kind Islamic Nasheed album in French and Arabic.Captivating voice and rhythms of this CD will blow you away and lift your heart, whether you understand French or not!Story of the Artist:Mounir, the lead singer...

  • Light Upon Light [Dawud Wharnsby & Irfan Makki]- (CD)
    $11.95 $7.50 Light Upon Light [Dawud Wharnsby & Irfan Makki]- (CD)
    The light of hope from our Ummah is burning strong with this new compilation! An exciting new album introducing eight previously unreleased English Islamic songs written and sung by talented Muslim artists from across North...

  • Memories Of A Slave (CD) - [Boonaa Mohammed]
    $12.50 $10.00 Memories Of A Slave (CD) - [Boonaa Mohammed]
    Spoken word poetry by Toronto-based artist, Boonaa Mohammed.Dubbed the “voice of a generation,” Boonaa Mohammed is a critically acclaimed award winning writer and performer with accolades including a playwright residency at...

  • Musafir - CD [Shahid Falahi]
    $13.50 $12.95 Musafir - CD [Shahid Falahi]
    From a very early stage of his life, Shahid developed a keen interest in art and culture. Thus he started writing poetry and songs in his early teens. Since then he has written, composed and sung a variety of numbers. His...

  • Our World (CD) - Zain Bhikha & Friends
    $13.95 $6.95 Our World (CD) - Zain Bhikha & Friends
    By Islamic singer Zain Bhikha, Our World has 12 new tracks by Zain, but he didn't do it alone. Joining him are some familiar faces and some new friends. Yusuf Islam, Qatrunada, Khalid Belrhouzi, Faeeza Malinga, Hasan...

  • Quran for Little Muslims III
    $13.95 Quran for Little Muslims III
    Imaginative stories impart the spirit and themes of the short surahs and other verses. Your kids will soar with their new found understanding and practice of the timeless message of the Holy Quran.

  • Road to Madina [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    $11.95 $7.50 Road to Madina [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    This recording is Muslim artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali's third CD release since embracing Islam in 1993. A potpourri of songs which illustrate the character of a Mumin (believer), "Road To Madinah" features complex vocal...

  • Spoken Soul (Audio CD) - [Brother Dash]
    $10.95 $9.95 Spoken Soul (Audio CD) - [Brother Dash]
    Spoken Soul is Brother Dash’s 2nd full length album. Released in 2009 Spoken Soul is a much more personal and vulnerable album than Dash’s first full album Poetically Speaking. Issues in relationships are clearly present in...

  • SubhanAllah (CD) - Junaid Jamshed featuring Native Deen
    $9.95 $7.95 SubhanAllah (CD) - Junaid Jamshed featuring Native Deen
    On this special North American release, Junaid Jamshed, (previously in the group "Vital Signs") teams up with Native Deen to produce the hit song "Subhanallah" in English.    Released in September 2012, this...

  • The Days of Eid (CD)
    $11.95 $7.50 The Days of Eid (CD)
    This is a new, bright array of songs and narratives reflecting the joy of the Eid Festivals - celebrated around the world in culturally diverse ways. Featuring Dawud Wharnsby, Irfan Makki, Zain Bhikha, Qatrunada and others...

  • The Prophet's Hands [Dawud Wharnsby]- CD
    $11.95 $7.50 The Prophet's Hands [Dawud Wharnsby]- CD
    Bringing together the talents of Yusuf Islam, and Zain Bhikha, It maintains the simplicity of rhythms and clarity of voice listeners have come to enjoy consistently throughout previous albums.1. Introduction2. The People of...

  • The Remedy (CD) - [Native Deen]
    $13.50 $12.50 The Remedy (CD) - [Native Deen]
    Native Deen, an internationally recognized Muslim Hip hop group uses guidance revealed in the fourteenth century with 21st century expertise to produce the highly anticipated, break-though production: The Remedy.Watch Videos...

  • We Are Muslims
    $13.95 We Are Muslims
    Includes songs about Allah, the Quran, the Five Pillars of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and more.

  • We Are Muslims II
    $13.95 We Are Muslims II
    A collection of popular children's songs with Islamic themes.

  • We Love Muhammad (s.a.w) - Life in Mecca Part 1
    $15.00 $12.95 We Love Muhammad (s.a.w) - Life in Mecca Part 1
    Includes eight songs :Ya MuhammadSpecial childBahiraGreat Lady KhadijaAl AminThe Black StoneReadWe Love Muhammad (s)

  • Whisper of Peace [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    $11.95 $7.50 Whisper of Peace [Dawud Wharnsby]- (CD)
    Some of the features of this product at a glance include: 8 songs topics of songs include Eid, Hajj, Bismillah debut recording of Muslim artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali best known recording by Wharnsby Ali More...

  • Zaky's Soundtrack (CD)
    $20.00 $15.00 Zaky's Soundtrack (CD)
    New Release CD containing all your favourite songs from Zaky’s films!CD contains all the songs from these Zaky DVDs:-Time to Pray with Zaky-Story of Prophet Abraham-Zaky’s AdventuresIncludes a 10-page booklet...